The Crypt Gallery - St Pancras Church

28/10/18 - 4/11/19 

Artists from across the globe explore themes relating to charity and its place in our world today with a group exhibition. 


Presenting a collection of site-specific works from a diverse group of artists, the show attempts to respond to its unique setting by reactivating a piece of history through its archives from the Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre.

Artist Edwina Fitzpatrick said, “The group wanted to create works that responded to the unique space of The Crypt whilst staying true to its origins. They decided to do this by looking into its history and connecting it to its past which, as we discovered through its archives at Holborn Library, is often driven by social responsibility “

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The exhibition has been designed around the “Wish List” (a document from 1995) which outlined the desired purpose for the building, which included shelter for the homeless, space for students from nearby universities, and a hub for community activities.


All works take into account other elements of the site, from its religious connection as a place of worship, to its spirituality as a burial site, as well as its physical qualities as a dark underground space often unknown to those in the local community.


With over 35 artists whose work ranges from painting and sculpture, assemblage to video through to performance and photography it promises to be a rich and inspiring experience.


The Crypt Gallery is located beneath local landmark St Pancras Church, a Grade-I listed building with Greek Revival architecture featuring iconic caryatids, classical female sculptures used as pillars, inspired by famous figures from The Acropolis in Athens.


Featuring artists from around the world, Who Will Provide?Presents a wide array of site-specific works never before seen in the UK.