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Uncovered Collective is a welcoming contemporary arts group based in London, UK. Made up of practicing artists, tutors and curators from different walks of life. Originally founded in 2017, by a group of MFA students at Wimbledon College of Arts with the purpose to maintain and nurture the many benefits that come from networking and collaborating with other creatives.


The collective has continuously been expanding due to its open ended nature and by 2023, well over 100 international artists have been shown across a range of exhibitions and events.


Together we are socially, critically and financially stronger. Making greater things possible.




We provide a unique support network for emerging artists. Offering artists the oportuntity to exhibit artworks, grow audiences and to gain confidence, particularly for emerging artists, those in early career stages and career changes.




The collective operates in a flexible way, housing a fluctuating roster of artists and curators who generate themes and ideas for shows. The exhibitions we hold are usually via open-calls where artists can submit works for consideration. Usually, we will work together as a "core team" of three people as others come and go to offer their unique skills and input as and when available.




If you'd like to get involved in the next exhibition please sign up to our newsletter (at the bottom of this page). We will then reach out to you with all of the information regarding the exhibition such as the venue, dates, theme etc.




The cost of all shows we host is divided equally amongst the participating artists. Uncovered Collective is a not-for-profit organisation. Unlike a lot of art "opportunities" we don't think it's right to be charging artists to simply enter works for consideration. That's why only the artists that are selected need to contribute to the cost of the show.

If selected for an exhibition, the cost tends to vary depending on the venue hire and other factors (such as security, insurance etc.), though we always keep everything as affordable as we possibly can so that our exhibitions remain accessible - no matter what your financial situation. We will always include prices for exhibiting in the details of the open call at the very first stage.




We manually review every submission. Works are selected for exhibition based on a number of factors, for themed exhibitions we evaluate whether the work 'fits' within but also how it fits in with the conversation of other works being displayed. The selection process is based around an internal voting system. We will then respond to all submissions to confirm whether or not works are to be exhibited.


Thanks for your interest in Uncovered Collective
Feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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