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Visions of Technology from Utopia to Dystopia 
(In collaboration with Ugly Duck) 

Technology propels the human story. Each discovery opens new possibilities that change the way we live. Every invention better than the last, forever altering the course of the future. But where do we go from here?


As society finds itself at new crossroads, from climate change to sociopolitical upheavals, have we reached a point of no return? Are we heading towards self-actualisation? Self-destruction? Or something else?


These are some of the questions at the forefront of Postopia, a group exhibition by Uncovered Collective at the Ugly Duck in London, part of a new season of events exploring the theme ‘In Transition: How much is technology changing human behaviour?’


The Uncovered Collective consider how recent developments in technology have delivered us to the gates of heaven and hell, a place where social media can be friend and foe, CCTV can protect and haunt, news can be fact and fiction, digital can preserve and erase, machines can clean and pollute, and nuclear power can generate and annihilate.


Set in a world where anything seems possible and the outcomes are only as bright or as dire as the people pressing the buttons, the show attempts to explore what it is to be human in an age of rapidly changing technologies.


Featuring a variety of works including sculpture, painting, photography, performance, video, digital, installation and mixed media, Postopia offered visitors a glimpse of the many possible futures they have the power to shape.

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