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(In collaboration with Deptford does Art

We are living through a meaning crisis. As we continue to abandon religious modes of being and traditional moral systems, post-modern relativism has made us question truth claims and shattered our notion of grand narratives. What are we left with? Contemporary viewpoints have existential angst built in to them as part of their very nature; objectivity holds open the door to nihilism.

Uncovered Collective is asking artists to respond to these themes, how do you deal with or embrace issues of meaning? (or lack thereof). Shall we thrive and take life by the horns knowing that it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme or dwindle into the depths of despair. Knowing that fundamentally nothing is important? Are we capable of re-installing and maintaining a level of communal consciousness?

Belinda Chan

Spirits of Mortal Fears

Spirits of Mortal Fears

The painting represents the state of existential angst. Our breaths, the other beings, the moments, the thoughts, the colours and the voids, intertwine and repel each other into a state of uncertainty, as life is, filled with elements of emptiness and meanings.

Cherish Marshall

Cherish Marshall.jpg

Swipe Right

Tinder has led to the commodification of intimacy. An endless pool of people to consume for a one-night stand. The idea of love turned into a transaction of lust.

Marley Treloar

Touch Screen, Touch Me

The piece connects the public and intimate, drawing from viral internet phenomenon and personal experiences to search for meaning in our ever connected, fake quitting social media, instant gratification digital age.

Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith, the dying yucca.jpg

The Dying Yucca

Part of the series, 'luxury interior wall destroyers' 
Painted in response to finding myself in a void. Anti-enlightenment caused by the 'real world'.

Nicola Siebert-Patel

Nicola Patel

Thoughts and Prayers

My work is iconoclastic, not only holding faiths to task, but our underlying need to create beliefs.  Drawing ideas from objects found mostly within recognised faiths which carry metaphorical weight. 

Robert Verill

Robert Verill .jpg


Discarded polystyrene fish boxes or the temple sarcophagi of our trashed natural world? Stacked to reference the classical limestone columns of antiquity composed of ancient fossilised sea creatures.

Stanley Black

Stanley Black.jpg

Functionality Dysphoria

An existential crisis manifested in the manic episode of 8-bit psychosis symptomatic of the outdated model of defunct technologies.

Stephen Nulty

Stephen Nutley 2.jpg
Stephen Nutley 1.jpg

Marriage between Screens

Stephen’s critical framework all stems from the digital age we all situate in. Interested in the fragmentation of information displayed and viewed through digital and cultural means, such as cinema, media, and game culture. 

Xinan Yang

Xinan Yang.jpg

Hey Babe!

My work is autobiographical, recalling the vulnerability of self-awareness and the way I store and distort memories. This work is inspired from a selfie I received from a male from a dating app.

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