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Why exhibit your work in an actual space in front of people, when you could just do it online?

We asked artists for artwork to be displayed as part of our online gallery.

All mediums were welcome as long as they are submitted as photographs.

They paid £5 for the privilege with the chance of winning prizes (up to £10,000!)

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With the shutdown of the physical art-world, like many others, we have decided to go online but approach the project in a humorous and irreverent manner. We firmly believe that art is a visceral experience and should be fully appreciated in person. The theme of the show therefore reflects our view and experiences of online exhibitions. A satirical comment on this aspect of art production and appreciation.

The prize for best in show is a Twix, “Best Artist” mug and a scratchcard - the chance to win up to £10,000.

(if the artsit was a vegan, we would of eaten the Twix for them).

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An audio commentary of each artwork is available from our resident art expert "Dave" Just click the play button next to the art to listen.

Audio tour by Joe Clewley


OPENED ON 01/04/21