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i'm so sicklE oF it
24/11/2022 - 27/11/2022

Stokey Pop Up:
147 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 ONY

Artists were given the opportunity to respond to themes of a political, sociological and spiritual nature - in the context of current world events and/or the future. The exhibition displayed a variety of media, from emerging and established artists, including Gavin Turk, Jisoo Jit Seo and Mitchell Smith. In contrast to previous UC exhibitions which have largely been held in unconventional, 'DIY' spaces, this show took place in a white cube gallery across two floors. Curated by Cherish Marshall, MFA graduate of Wimbledon College of Arts. Visitors were faced with an immersive experience and took part in interactive performances and art pieces, including a video game.

I'M SO SICKLE OF IT displayed works of 20 international artists at various stages of their careers. Artist talks held on the Sunday revealed that despite the artists coming from different walks of life, there was a common thread and unifying sense which was built around critiquing 'the elite'.

You can view the brief that artists responded to below.


Poster by Tom Baker @flash4days


Are you sick of capitalism? Are you bored of consumerism? Have you considered that maybe communism isn't the answer? Do you think the old model of left and right is no longer working? Are you just sickle of it all!?


Our corporate overlords want us to be indistinguishable meat cogs in their system. Bio-parts that can be swapped out and replaced as long as the machine keeps running, the regime stays stable and the capital keeps flowing to the top. They want us to be atomised units, floating data points that are rootless, belong nowhere and believe in nothing. They view us as cattle, to think the same, to consume the same, to be the same. Whilst selling us an inauthentic individualism that makes us believe we are unique and special because of the products we choose to buy.



Derek Curtis - Linda Vuorenvirta - Rosie Burns - Stanley Black - Ducky Elford - Liam Collins - Paddy Docherty

Gavin Turk - Aggie Forster - Amy Jackson - Becky Atherton - Joe Clewley - Jack Woolley - Jeremy Scott
Jisoo Jit Seo - Marley Treloar - Nigel Peters - Rob Verrill - Mitchell Smith - Cherish Marshall