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Is an Online Framing and Matting Service Worth It?

We know the feeling, when you've got a lovely print sat on the floor just underneath the spot where it will one day be hung up properly. Gathering dust since it was gifted to you over the holidays... Well, that's because it's very common for artwork to come without a frame, which can sometimes feel like a bit of a pain. Though, have you considered getting an online framing and matting service instead of a physical store? Doing so can be super convenient, especially during peak times like Christmas or Valentines day when framers are busy. But how do online framing and matting services stack up against going in-store?

What is an Online Framing and Matting Service?

An online framing and matting service is when you pay an online provider to construct a mat and frame for your piece and ship it to your home. Many big chain stores offer services like this, but you must travel to use them. Additionally, online services may provide extra features that may not be available in-store.

The Pros of Using an Online Framing and Matting Service

  • The framing and matting are tailored to your specifications.

  • You don't have to go out of your way to visit the store.

  • Unlike cheaper methods such as thumbtacks and silly putty, a personalised frame and matting will last a long time and can be made with archival materials.

The Cons of Using an Online Framing and Matting Service

  • Anything custom is tailored to you as an individual, which hikes up the price.

  • Online framing and matting is now a booming market, with more options than ever. It may become confusing as to which provider to choose.

  • Having more options also may also raise prices due to the competition between services.

Why are Framing and Matting Important?

Matting isn't always necessary for your pieces; however, they should at least be considered for many reasons.

  • Matting will save the artwork from glazing.

  • Matting helps keep artwork that will change over time, such as charcoal and pastels, looking good.

  • Matting will hide hinges, corner pockets, and art edges.

  • Matting can highlight secondary and tertiary colours.

  • Matting can amplify a room’s décor.

You should invest in framing because it protects your pieces better than just pinning them on a wall. A frame would be much more pleasing to the eye than a bare piece.

The Process of Online Matting and Framing Service

Getting online framing and matting services done is a straightforward process.

  1. Most online framing and matting sites will start you off by having you pick a style you would like to incorporate into your mat or frame.

  2. Upload a picture of the artwork

  3. Once you submit your choices, the site will ship your selections to you.

As mentioned previously, there are many different online matting and framing services. The process of finding the right one can become overwhelming. The best way to tackle the project is to do in-depth research on the services you are most interested in.


Let us know what you reckon! If you have any framing and matting advice, maybe you have a favourite company in your area that you would like to recommend? We would love to hear it.

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