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Are you an art writer or art critic looking for an opportunity to share your thoughts? Or perhaps you are an artist looking for exposure via an artist interview. We're looking for modern art critics to come forward. We are happy to offer the Uncovered Collective blog for art writing submission entries.


We started this collective to support contemporary artists, writers, poets, video makers and anyone who has a passion for making things happen. For this same reason, we're always open to sharing your writing with our growing audience.

SEO for artists can be challenging (search engine optimisation), with so few genuine guest posting services available. We believe that sharing one another's voice is a great way to gain organic exposure and network with people who care.


As long as you are writing on art in some shape or form, we're happy to share, providing it meets our guidelines (below). This can take many forms such as art criticism, contemporary art news, exhibition review articles, material reviews, how-to's, art journal articles.

You get the picture!


Whilst we are open minded in what we share, as a collective we must keep the overall project and vision going in a certain direction. So please run through these entry guidelines before sending us your blog contributions. Otherwise entries may be declined automatically.  


We will not share duplications of pre-existing content. Artworks being published else where is fine (for example on your own site) but we do not publish like-for-like articles. 


Opinions are fine! But any facts stated should be responsibly sourced. Please include links and sources.


Artists are magpies... but let's link to original creators wherever possible. If you're talking about an artwork, artist or business please include sources.


  • Include an artist/writers statement or bio (300 words max).

  • Include your name, city, country, social media links and website link.

  • For text entries please provide a Word Doc or Google Sheet. We do not accept PDF files.

  • Please ensure your writing has an appropriate title.

  • For any images included in the document, please also attach them separately to the email. (This ensures we can download them and they are high quality.) Please provide clear and good quality images.

  • Articles can include up to 3 links. Please note these will be checked and we may remove them if they are deemed as spam.

  • You are welcome to submit multiple entries. However, if you submit the same entry multiple times your email address will be blocked due to spam.

  • Entries should be between 500 and 4000 words. If your submission is longer we may consider splitting this into 2 posts but this may not always be possible.

  • We can accept submissions in all languages, but they must be accompanied with an English version.

  • Please check the grammar and spelling of your contribution before you send it.

Email your blog post with any accompanying materials to:




Terms and Conditions
Uncovered Collective reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason we see fit.

If we need more information we will contact you, please ensure our email address is added to your contacts to make sure our reply does not go to your spam folder.

If your submission is successful and is posted on our website, we reserve the right to share this as we see fit, this includes other websites and social media platforms of our choice without limitation.

Whilst we will try to refrain from editing content, once your submission has been sent to our email address, we reserve the right to edit all contents in order to fit / read in theme with other blog posts.

If your post is shared on our blog we reserve the right to remove this at any time.

If you are unhappy with any edits or formatting of your submission, please contact us so that we can review this with you.

Once we have posted your submission to our blog it is to stay on the blog indefinitely. We do not guarantee that any request to remove content will be acknowledged but feel free to ask.

Third parties may copy content or share content from this website without our knowledge or control. Please be aware of this before submitting your blog contributions.

Whilst we will always try our best to share content that aligns with our own morals, any submissions that are provided by external parties do not directly reflect the views of Uncovered Collective. If you do find any issues with content posted please send us an email and we will consider removing it or editing it once we review the issue.

If you have any questions or issues with our website or blog please contact us so that we can discuss this with you. Thank you.

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