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Mitch spent his entire art education producing conceptual mixed media sculpture avoiding ever having to pick up a paint brush. His work explores class issues and the existential angst of nihilism. Once he had completed his Master's he decided to become a painter. Currently he has abandoned painting and instead just eats food as founder of Brighton Bites Back.


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Taking the polar opposite route of Mitch, Cherish started as a painter and now makes conceptual mixed media sculpture. She once listed the themes of some of her work, abortion, alcoholism, abusive family relationships, serial killers, sexism, exploitation of the female form etc and came to the realisation that maybe her work is a bit dark. She has recently started painting again.


Stanley Black was a  dissident, contrarian, and general scallywag. He described himself as a political artist but in the left leaning sphere of the art world, culturally, he promoted the wrong type of politics. Always viewing himself as an undercover intelligence officer in the burgeoning culture war, his artistic interventions were aimed at questioning the progressive mindset that dominates art production and appreciation. His mission is now over and he has not been active as an artist since 2023 and instead works in a factory making dog food.

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Joe Clewley documents the happenings of Uncovered Collective, he once said "It's honestly the only thing that gets me out of bed these days".

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